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You've got an idea for an app or website.
But you don't know how to build it.

We can help. is a product studio that helps non-technical founders build and launch technical products, without investing months of time and tens of thousands upfront. Schedule a Call

You've got this idea. You think it could be The Next Big Thing.

But you're not a designer, a programmer, or an engineer. You've got the vision, but you don't know how to build it—much less get it out the door an into the hands of your future customers.

You need help: a technical partner who can take your idea all the way from concept to launch, one who will stick with you as you continue to grow. helps non-technical founders build and launch technical products.

Unlike our competitors, we don't need months of time and tens of thousands of upfront investment to bring your product to life.

We deliver a publishable product within just 4 weeks for under $10K—ready to find your first 100 users across app stores or the web.


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I’m James Knight.


I help non-technical founders build & launch apps.

Over the last ten years, I've helped validate, design, and develop over 25 apps on the Apple App and Google Play stores. In that time, I've worked with Fortune 500s as a consultant at Google, with venture-backed startups as a partner at my previous agencies, and with founders of all types as the owner of SANE Digital.

And now, I'm here to help you.

Right now, you have an idea. You want to make it real. But before you invest months of your life (and potentially thousands of dollars) you want to know if that idea is worth pursuing. And if it is, you need a step-by-step plan for making it a success.

I can get you there in just two weeks.

Picture this:

Next Monday, 9AM:

Your team and I meet to discuss your idea. We dive into your project's history, define what success looks like, and begin exploring the People, Problems, and Solutions that drive your product concept.

Tuesday through Thursday, all day:

I've scheduled interviews with our target users, and meet with them to learn about their experiences relevant to our product.

During these interviews, I explore their pains and frustrations, and work to uncover the problems that underly them, as well as what existing solutions they're using to address those problems today.

Friday, 9AM:

I compile those interviews into a single Primary Problems and Solutions document (P&S), and send it to you for review.

This document explores the problems we hope to solve with our product, referencing specific pains as described by our target users, and includes an investigation into the competitive landscape our product is entering.

The following Monday, 9AM:

You and I meet to review the P&S document, working to identify weaknesses in our competition and gaps in the marketplace.

We rank the problems we've uncovered by how much they pain our target users, and choose which of them our product will work to solve.

Tuesday, all day:

My product team and I work to define compelling solutions to the problem(s) we've elected to solve.

We explore what's possible, before refining down to the 3-5 proposals we think are best.

Wednesday, 9AM:

You and I meet to review our proposed solutions.

We go over their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss rough timelines and budgets for each one. At the end, we choose the one we want to pursue.

Thursday, all day:

My product team and I work to build a step-by-step roadmap for taking our proposed solution to market, ensuring it meets the success criteria we've defined.

We provide a rough timeline and cost estimate for designing, developing, and launching your product, identifying any challenges that may arise.

Friday, 9AM:

You and I meet to review our Product Roadmap, going over every detail. I walk you through our step-by-step plan for getting your product designed, developed, and launched.

If everything looks good, we prepare our team to start design and development the following Monday.

Imagine, two weeks from now you could be building the next big thing.

No more doubts about your idea, no more figuring out where to start, just a step-by-step roadmap to success.

We call it the SANE.spark process, and it costs $2500.

It includes:

"People, Problems, Solutions" Workshop:

A 1-hour call introducing the conceptualization framework our process is based on, followed by an exploration of the People, Problems, and Solutions involved in your project.

People Overview

A document describing WHO you and your team are, and WHO you plan on targeting, complete with profiles and contact information.

Target Interviews

Three, 30-minute interviews with your target users, investigating their pain points and searching for the underlying problems causing them.

Primary Problems & Solutions Overview (P&S)

A compilation of our target interviews, exploring the problems we hope to solve with our product, including an investigation into the competitive landscape our product is entering.

Solution Descriptions

We'll describe three to five possible directions for our product, focusing on the minimum feature set needed for each, including rough timelines and cost estimates.

Full Product Roadmap

A step-by-step plan for bringing your solution to market, including timelines and estimates for designing, developing, and launching your product.

And its all 100% risk free.

If you're not happy with my work, I'll refund your money—no questions asked.

Ready to get started? Schedule an exploratory call today.

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We've condensed our process into a five-day Idea Validation course for you to work through on your own.

If you've got an idea for a new product or service, but you're unsure of how to get started or how to keep moving forward, you'll find the process you need to follow inside.

You can sign up for the course below, or read more about it here.

Still not convinced?

See what our clients have to say.


Lachie Given

Founder, Knowhere

"After an entire year of working with another firm, our app just did not work—the core feature was broken and the app drained the battery. Before we started working with SANE, I had significant concerns about the project.

James was able to research the problem and find a workable solution in a matter of weeks. He put together a proof-of-concept app that allowed us to test his progress in real-time, and I appreciated his ability to improvise and research the problem in-depth. I felt extremely relieved once he was able to find a solution."


"After three years of other agencies promising a lot but delivering little, getting to test a prototype version of the Self Portrait Project after just a few weeks of working with SANE was very cool, and helped confirm my thoughts on the product.

From the first time we sat down, I really felt like they got what I was trying to do, and their ongoing accessibility and communication really stood out compared to developers I had worked with previously."


Matt Ivester

CEO, A Rad Corporation

"We really appreciated SANE’s attention to detail. When working together, we didn't have to point out subtle details of features—they noticed themselves, and that took a lot of worry off of our plate.

James understands what it means to work with a startup where every dollar counts, and to stay within a budget. We were really happy with the value we got for the price we paid.

Thanks to him, we were able to bring our products to market much faster than we could have ourselves, and that meant a lot to us and our users."

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