Want to Learn How AI Can Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Barriers to Care? Don’t Miss These Talks at HLTH 2023

HLTH 2023, the leading healthcare innovation and transformation platform, is set to offer valuable insights and discussions on leveraging AI to help improve patient outcomes and overcome barriers to care. 

The event, featuring over 100 engaging sessions, presents an opportunity to explore transformative ideas and discussions in healthcare innovation.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the must-see conversations on how AI can positively impact the healthcare industry.

Note: If you’re headed to the event in search of funding, we’ve also compiled a list for that.

Sunday, Oct 8th

Which Digital Mental Health Front Door Will You Choose?

Partner Programs 

Time: 11:30 AM—1:00 PM PDT

Location: LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 322-324


This talk addresses the challenge of choosing the right mental health and substance use solutions, emphasizing the importance of informed decisions for health plans, employers, and patients seeking improved behavioral health outcomes. This session highlights Behavioral Health Tech, a community dedicated to expanding access to these services through technology and innovation. Speakers will discuss strategies to bridge the supply-demand gap while prioritizing affordability and accessibility.

Virtual First Care: Deep Dive into Implementation

Partner Programs 

Time: 1:30 AM—1:00 PM PDT

Location:  LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 216-218

These two talks explore Virtual First Care (V1C), a healthcare approach that integrates digital interactions into everyday life, guided by clinicians. These two deep dives emphasize the effectiveness of well-implemented V1C systems, focusing on enhanced patient access, improved experiences, and positive health and economic outcomes. Industry leaders, including providers, health plans, and health systems, will share insights and strategies for successful V1C implementations.

Deep Dive 1: V1C’s Impact on the Commercially Insured Population


  • Kathleen Aller, Global Head of Healthcare Market Strategy, InterSystems
  • Sam Holliday, CEO & Co-Founder, Oshi Health
  • Ashok Chennuru, Chief Data and Insights Officer, Elevance Health
  • To be announced, Amwell


Deep Dive 2: V1C Partnerships with Risk-bearing Organizations



HLTH x Health Sports Tech

Partner Programs   

Time: 2:00 PM—4:00 PM PDT

Location: LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 228-230


This Partner Program session explores the connection between healthcare and sports technology, discussing innovations and trends in technology’s impact on both sports and healthcare. The discussion will likely provide insights into how advancements in sports tech can benefit areas like fitness, rehabilitation, and performance optimization within the healthcare domain. Speakers TBA.

Short on Staff, High on Tech

Location: Show Floor, Ocean Stage

Time: 2:50 PM—3:30 PM PDT

This talk tackles the operational challenges of staffing shortages in healthcare, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes, driven by factors like burnout and working conditions. The discussion explores how AI and automation can bridge workforce gaps and enhance administrative efficiency. Speakers will explore Generative AI potentially augmenting 40% of healthcare working hours, providing much-needed relief to the overburdened workforce.


Gretchen Berlin Senior Partner McKinsey & Company


Angela Shippy, MD, Senior Physician Executive of Amazon Web Services

Robert Musslewhite, Chief Executive Officer of Definitive Healthcare

Shaun Miller MD, Chief Medical Information Officer of Cedars Sinai Health System

Trish Gallagher, RN, MSHS of MUSC Health

Data RX

Time: 2:50 PM—3:30 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Earth Stage


The Data RX session delves into big data’s role in early illness detection, emphasizing its transformative impact on healthcare beyond traditional medicine by leveraging everyday health data. While data silos present a challenge, the discussion highlights the potential of data-driven clinical analysis and advanced wearables to enhance care efficiency, empowering patients for cost-effective health management.


Lina Behrens, Head of Content of HLTH Europe


Lisa Shah MD, Lisa Shah, Chief Medical Officer of Twin Health

Noosheen Hashemi, Founder & CEO of January AI

Paul Jacobson, Chairman & CEO of Thorne HealthTech

Stephen Ranjan Global Head, Digital Health Pharma personalized healthcare (phc) of Roche

The Generative AI Presentations

Time: 3:40 PM—4:20 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Moon Stage

These two presentations are an absolute must-see for any attendees interested in learning how to integrate generative AI into their platforms. These discussions are highly relevant and could also be great networking opportunities.

3:40 PM:

Presentation 1 – Houston Methodist and Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI)

Deploying Clinical AI at Scale

In the first presentation, Houston Methodist discusses the deployment of clinical AI at scale, highlighting their integration of predictive models from the Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI) with Microsoft-GPT processing to empower clinical teams and enhance care delivery.

4:00 PM:

Presentation 2: Abridge and Confluent Health

Generative AI’s Lasting Impact in Healthcare

The second presentation features a fireside chat with Julia Chapin, COO of Abridge, and Nisha Mehta, Founder of Physician Side Gigs, exploring the lasting impact of generative AI in healthcare and sharing their experiences in implementing transformative AI tools in leading healthcare institutions.


Roberta L. Schwartz, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer of Houston Methodist Hospital

Nassib Chamoun, President & CEO of Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI)

Julia Chapin, Chief Operating Officer of Abridge

Nisha Mehta, MD, Founder of Physician Side Gigs

Monday, Oct 9th

Bringing AI to Healthcare Responsibly

Time: 9:00 AM—9:20 AM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Main Stage

In this talk, Google’s James Manyika discusses the responsible integration of AI in healthcare. He highlights the transformative potential of AI in healthcare while emphasizing the importance of balancing innovation speed with responsibility. Manyika shares Google’s approach to navigating this balance, emphasizing the inclusion of diverse perspectives and partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem to ensure the responsible use of generative AI in healthcare for the benefit of patients, providers, and society.


Erin Brodwin, Health Tech Reporter of Axios


James Manyika, Senior Vice President, Research, Technology & Society of Google

ChatGPT vs. The Experts

Time: 2:10 PM—2:50 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Moon Stage

This talk aims to put to rest the ongoing debate about whether AI, specifically Generative AI, can replace clinicians, offer superior accuracy, or exhibit more empathy. HLTH invites ChatGPT to participate alongside three leading experts in a mock clinical scenario. The experts will assess the AI’s responses for accuracy and bias, exploring the genuine potential of multi-modal AI to bring significant changes to clinical practice while encouraging audience engagement and open-mindedness.


Morgan Cheatham, Vice President of Bessemer Venture Partners


Fatima Paruk MD, MPH, Chief Health Officer of Salesforce

Nigam Shah, Professor of Medicine, SHC Chief Data Scientist of Stanford University/Stanford Health Care

Sonya Makhni, Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Platform Solutions of Mayo Clinic

Tuesday, Oct 10th

There’s No “AI” in Team

Time: 11:00 AM—11:40 AM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Moon Stage

This talk looks at the changing AI role in healthcare, emphasizing a collaborative “centaur” approach that blends AI’s analytical capabilities with human expertise. It stresses the crucial role of human judgment and ethics in healthcare decisions, acknowledging AI’s precision, lack of empathy, and contextual understanding. The discussion envisions a future where AI and human professionals work together in healthcare, emphasizing the enduring importance of the human element in the field.


Rebecca Lynn, Co-Founder & General Partner of Canvas Ventures


Jessica Beegle, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Lifepoint Health

Munjal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Hippocratic AI

Shan Jegatheeswaran, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson MedTech Digital of Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Wardah Inam, CEO of Overjet

Applying AI in Health and Human Resources

Time: 11:50 AM—12:30 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Ocean Stage

This talk explores the application of Generative AI in health and human resources, highlighting its potential for innovation and process optimization. It delves into how employers harness this transformative technology in areas such as Total Rewards and primary care to enhance care delivery and workforce management. Additionally, the discussion addresses the strategies employed to mitigate the risks associated with implementing novel AI solutions in these fields.


Kate Brown, MS, Innovation and Intellectual Capital Leader of Mercer


Ana-Maria Constantin, CEO and Co-Founder of Cascade Health

Brad Younggren, President and Chief Medical Officer of 98point6

Paul Droubay, Vice President, Total Rewards of Western Governors University

Social Media’s Mental Health Dilemma

Time: 11:50 AM—12:30 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Earth Stage

This important discussion addresses the critical impact of social media on mental health and body image, highlighting the absence of reliable medical advice from popular fitness influencers and its harmful effects, especially on young people. It stresses the importance of accurate and well-informed messages about health and body image in the age of extensive social media use. Mental health experts are actively working to tackle this issue and foster positive change.


Jody Tropeano, Head of Content of HLTH


Erin Parks, PhD, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of Equip

Garth Graham, M.D, Managing Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health of YouTube Health

Lori Evans Bernstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Caraway

Mandy Teefey, CEO and Co-Founder of Wondermind

With Great AI Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Time: 3:00 PM—3:40 PM PDT

Location: Show Floor, Sky Stage

This discussion stresses the need for a cautious approach to integrating generative AI into crucial healthcare decisions. It emphasizes addressing regulatory and ethical concerns to ensure AI’s responsible use in healthcare. The conversation also underlines the urgency for government, healthcare, and tech leaders to engage in dialogue and keep up with AI advancements, given the rapidly evolving nature of the field.


Alya Sulaiman Partner McDermott Will & Emery


Ivor Horn, MD, MPH, Director, Health Equity & Product Inclusion of Google

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, President of the American Medical Association

John Halamka, M.D., M.S., President, Mayo Clinic Platform of Mayo Clinic

Karl Mathias, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HLTH 2023 promises to be a hub of valuable insights and discussions on harnessing AI to improve patient outcomes and address healthcare challenges. With over 100 engaging sessions, attendees can explore transformative ideas and innovations in healthcare at their ease.

The event will cover multiple topics, from mental health solutions to virtual care, staffing shortages, and the responsible integration of AI into healthcare. HLTH 2023 is a great opportunity for those seeking to stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation. And you never know who you might bump into.