How ViviScout built a Cardiac Monitoring Prototype
in 6 weeks and Secured Clinical Trials

Before SANE

ViviScout needed clinic trials for its product but had no funding.

The startup had no software or hardware integration experience.

Needed to design a fully functional MVP for on-stage presentation.

Had 45 days to create an advanced prototype for potential investors.

After SANE

MVP designed in a 5-day SANE.spark sprint.

Fully functioning Prototype built and tested in 6 weeks.

Milestone #1 - successful industry MVP presentation.

Milestone #2 - clinical trial prototype now in development.

The Challange

ViviScout, a health tech startup, aimed to create an innovative cardiac data monitoring watch using advanced hardware and smart software for early heart attack warnings. Facing a funding gap and lacking expertise in both software and hardware, the startup needed to create a fully functional prototype within six weeks to showcase its vision on stage to investors.

Our solution

Milestone #1 – Design & Build MVP for Presentation

In 5 days, ViviScout used our SANE.spark roadmapping workshop to design an MVP to present to investors. Over the next five weeks, ViviScout worked our team to bring this to life. Their hard work paid off, resulting in a functioning prototype that impressed investors and secured clinical trials.

ViviScout SANE.spark
Milestone #2 – Develop Prototype V.2 for Clinical Trials

Building on its successful MVP, ViviScout is creating a second prototype tailored to clinical trials. This involves collaborating with patients from two chemotherapy clinics, utilizing the ViviScout watch for cardiac monitoring. The data gathered during these trials will help refine the product and attract long-term investment, positioning the product for market entry.

ViviScout Prototype

The Result

ViviScout met its MVP deadline, allowing them to engage potential investors with a fully functional prototype. They confidently conveyed their mission and value proposition to investors with a clear understanding of financial needs and allocation strategy.

With our ongoing support, ViviScout is progressing toward clinical trials, securing long-term funding, and realizing the startup’s vision of revolutionizing heart-monitoring technology.