Wellness 4 Humanity

How Wellness 4 Humanity launched the first U.S. COVID vending machines and became a national media sensation—in just 12 weeks.

No Nerds delivered exactly what we needed to hit our deadlines & expand the public’s access to quick & easy COVID testing. Without them, the launch of our national vending machine network would not have been the success that it was.
Liam Pham
Founder & CEO @ Wellness 4 Humanity

Before Nerd-as-a-Service

Startup growing pains due to rapid expansion.

In-person clinics suffering from existing software.

Working with an underperforming technical partner.

Lacking technical expertise to meet partnership requirements.

After Nerd-as-a-Service

First functional release to staff for onsite testing in 4 weeks.

In 12 weeks, new wellness-branded booking experience launched.

Multiple in-person clinics opened across U.S., w/ high-profile press coverage.

First U.S. airport to provide COVID test kits, w/ major nationwide airports secured.

Wellness 4 Humanity was featured on Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You“ segment.

Who can benefit from the Wellness 4 Humanity Story?

If you’ve already started building with another partner—but aren’t happy with the progress you’re making.

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Introducing Wellness 4 Humanity

Wellness 4 Humanity, founded by science- and medical-focused social entrepreneurs, emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic with a mission to protect communities from the virus. Supported by a medical advisory board, Wellness initially opened a single popup location before shifting its attention to providing globally accessible COVID testing.

The Challenges Wellness Faced

Wellness had launched in three states, with more in the works, but was beginning to feel growing pains due to rapid expansion and software limitations. The startup lacked the technical leadership to support its expansion plans and cater to partner requirements. Wellness’s technical partners struggled to execute its overall vision and they needed a swift solution.

W4H’s Solution – Project rescue mission & becoming a press sensation.

Wellness moved away from their existing tech partner and met all of their partnership requirements. They launched the first national COVID vending machine ahead of schedule and added to its in-person clinics by launching in multiple U.S. states including New York City. 

Wellness 4 Humanity NYC clinic.

How did Wellness achieve this?

Wellness shifted their attention to prioritizing the multiple different projects in various stages of development. In one week, they delivered a prototype design of the products, with a breakdown of the highest priority features derived from its staff. 

After six months of promises from its previous development team, Wellness sent its first functional release to clinic staff for onsite testing in four weeks. They used this to prioritize key features for MVP scope and development and launched the new wellness-branded booking experience in under two months. 


With Nerds-as-a-Service, you get the best nearshore talent powered by seasoned onshore management. We’ve fine-tuned this process to skip having calls about calls and get projects delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. Wellness did this by working with handpicked Product, Design, Development, and QA talent. 

And you can do the same. 

The Wellness Success Story

Wellness launched COVID test vending machines at 25 high-traffic locations, including Oakland International Airport, marking the first U.S. airport to offer COVID test kits. This launch and their flagship clinic in NYC garnered significant media attention, even capturing the attention of The Tonight Show in Jimmy Fallon’s weekly “Thank You Note” segment.

Wellness expanded partnerships with Marriott, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Atlanta Hawks, and a national sports association for widespread testing at games using A1 technology. They facilitated the safe return of live events amid and post-pandemic, notably as a key COVID-19 testing partner for Super Bowl Weekend 2021.